Mindful Child Practices

We are ALL Children of the Universe

I am inspired to work with children, parents, and families to assist them in activating unity consciousness.

I bring mindful play to support children to look within and discover their soul's purpose and gifts.

For 5 years, I have been facilitating learning play-dates with parents and children.

Mindful Child Play-Shops

Sacred Story Time


Enchanting stories weaving archetypes of the Hero's Journey into Self-Discovery

Indigo Family Adventures


A curated family play date exploring the unique gifts of the Indigo Children in your life

Dream Drawing and Interpretation


Share dreams and encourage children to draw out and discuss their own night-time visions

Yoga, Breathwork, and Mindful Games


Fun breath-work with bubbles, yoga poses, insightful games, and SO much more to learn and grow from!

Divine Friendships between Parents and Children


Activating opportunities to explore the child's soul needs, providing a safe space to grow as a family and relate to each other deeply.

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